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Cash Donations

Receive Outstanding Tax Benefits with a cash donation to CDCSB: Leverage your donation for up to three times your out-of-pocket expense! Find out how to get a tax credit here.

There is an enormous need in the southern Berkshires for housing that is affordable for our local employees and for new jobs for our younger generation. Take advantage of these outstanding tax benefits with a donation to CDCSB to support our work in affordable housing and job creation and make a difference in the lives of fellow community members.

Make a donation here.

Land Donations

Identifying appropriate land is paramount to developing smart affordable housing in the southern Berkshires. The CDCSB has worked closely with towns and open space organizations to locate available and appropriate sites for housing. 

Similar to land trusts, donations of real estate to the CDC for affordable housing development are tax deductible. Please contact us with your ideas or for more information.

Planned Gifts

For information about making a bequest or a planned gift to the CDC of South Berkshire, please call our office at 413-528-7788 for further information or a personal meeting.

All donations to the CDCSB are fully tax deductible.

Gifts in kind are also gratefully accepted.

Equity Investing

Invest locally.
Invest for the planet.
Invest for a solid financial return.

CDCSB projects are an excellent opportunity for triple bottom line investing. Your equity will go to work locally, building “green” and low-carbon footprint development for healthy and sustainable communities, and your investment will yield a real financial return. Join us in creating a sustainable future today.


Volunteers play a vital and active role in the CDCSB’s success. People in our community are our most important resource.

We need help in these areas:

Committee work with our Board of Directors

Organize neighborhood groups to participate in project planning

Assist in fundraising campaigns and events

Community ambassadors to engage our friends and neighbors in the region

To volunteer your time and expertise, or to get more information, please contact us through email at or by phone at 413.528.7788