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Building Hillside Avenue Affordable Housing Project on town donated land
Building Hillside Avenue on town donated land

CDCSB has helped to create sustainable communities in southern Berkshire County since 1988. These are some of our milestones:

Incorporation around Great Barrington Main Street issues with the intent to build a town market place and meeting hall

Home-based Business Assistance Program initiated, sponsored by the towns of Great Barrington and Sheffield; awarded an EPA Site Assessment Grant for the 100 Bridge Street (formerly New England Log Homes/NELH); formation of the South Berkshire Housing Coalition

Awarded a Supplemental EPA Site Assessment Grant for 100 Bridge Street (formerly NELH)

100 Bridge Street, formerly NELH, Environmental Assessment Phase I and Phase II completed by engineering firm Fuss and O’Neill Inc.

140 East Street: completion of nine affordable rental units, first in Great Barrington in 20 years

Great Barrington town vote to donate land for affordable housing on Hillside Avenue; acquisition of Pinewoods site, Stockbridge

100 Bridge Street, formerly NELH, Environmental Assessment Phase III and Phase IV completed by Ransom Environmental Inc.

Pinewoods: completion of 30 affordable rental units

Hillside Avenue: completion of ten affordable rental units; first new construction of affordable rental units in Great Barrington in 10+ years; designated developer for the Searles/Bryant School complex in Great Barrington

Demolition completed on 100 Bridge Street site with $1.2 million budget

CDCSB receives its first allotment of Community Investment Tax Credits from the State of Massachusetts. To date, the CDCSB has received $175,000 in tax credit allocations from the state.
100 Bridge Street: Environmental permitting issued for bio-remediation of site

100 Bridge Street: $300,000 in Community Preservation Open Space Funds awarded for Riverfront Park; $450,000 in Community Preservation Funds for Affordable Housing awarded over 2 years (2015-2016)
Forest Springs: Comprehensive Permit obtained for development of new affordable housing units in Great Barrington on behalf of Construct, Inc.; secured $1million from Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston in partnership with Berkshire Bank; awarded $220,000 in Community Preservation Funds for Affordable Housing

Forest Springs: Completed One Stop Application to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development